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Tell Us About It!

This is your Website and we need you to help us keep it interesting, informative and relevant to all Sections. Share a new idea you may have had for a Unit activity, or if you come across some information which you think others would benefit from, tell us about it! If it's the thought of writing the piece which is putting you off, let us write it for you. Give Susie a call on 01722 343187 or e-mail . We look forward to hearing from you.

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If you have any queries or questions relating to safeguarding, please e-mail . Click here to go to the Useful Downloads page where you will find the forms to help you report incidents.

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General Data Protection Regulations

ComputerThe new data protection regulations affect every volunteer in Girlguiding. A Keeping information safe leaflet was sent out by Girlguiding to all members with their membership cards, and the leaflet outlines the changes to the data protection legislation. Please do particularly look at the Golden Rules for keeping information safe and the checklist which has been developed to help volunteers understand the legislation and what has to be done in order to stay within the law.

The rules relating to the use of photographs and videos have been changed and Girlguiding are updating their guidance and starting forms to include an updated version of the photo permission. Please note that if you are submitting photographs to the Region for use on the website, we will need you to provide information on everyone who can be clearly identified. This includes adults as well as girls. The information we now need is:

The date and location where the photograph was taken.

The name of the unit/s in the photograph.

The full names and membership numbers of all those who appear in the photograph.

The person submitting the photograph must give their full name and membership number and confirm in writing that permission has been obtained for the photograph to be used from all those who feature. We also need the date that the photo permission form was signed and confirmation of any exclusions to any of the permissions - for example, the photograph may be used on the website, but not on social media.

To ensure you and your girls have all the information needed in order to enjoy all that Guiding has to offer, you need to be receiving the Region's monthly e-Newsletter. This will give you advance notice and full details of forthcoming events which will enable you to book early and be sure of being allocated places. If you have not already done so, please update your preferences in GO and tick the boxes marked 'Email' and 'Regional Information (get updates from guiding in your local area)'. You will then receive mailings from Region, your County/Island, and all levels below.

Click here to go to the Girlguiding Website where you will find lots more information on GDPR. If you have any questions, please contact


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A Safe Space

Rainbow using computerSafeguarding is at the heart of everything we do in Girlguiding and our volunteers share an important responsibility to protect and promote the safety and wellbeing of our members. The A Safe Space training helps our Leaders to create an environment where everyone can be safe whilst having fun and enjoying the great Guiding experiences which we offer.

By the end of 2020, all volunteers are required to have the correct level of A Safe Space training for their role and Girlguiding has set its members the target of at least 90% of volunteers having completed their training by the end of 2019. The information provided below will help you identify which levels of A Safe Space training you need and how you can achieve this. By acting now to ensure you have the correct level of training you will not only be helping Girlguiding to reach their target, but you will know you are creating a safe space for the great Guiding enjoyed by the girls and young women in your care.

Click here to check the A Safe Space training required for your role - this applies to all the roles you hold. Your local Commissioner will have details of the trainings which are available in your area. Please note that Leaders who completed the previous A Safe Space training equivalent to Levels 1-2 (before September 2017) will be required to renew their training before December 2020, and A Safe Space Levels 1-3 must be renewed every three years.


Click here to go to the Level 1 e-learning module (this takes approximately 20 minutes to complete).

This level can also be completed by attending a face-to-face training.*


The Level 2 e-learning has two parts:

Part 1 - the e-learning module - click here. This takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Part 2 - the follow-up conversation. After completing the e-learning module you should contact your local Commissioner or A Safe Space trainer (as locally appropriate) to arrange a time to talk. Click here to download the Level 2 Module two worksheet which you can complete and which will help you prepare for your conversation.

Please note a Commissioner should only conduct the follow-up conversation if they have up-to-date A Safe Space training for at least Levels 1-3, and are confident about conducting the conversation.

This training can also be completed by attending a face-to-face training.*


Click here to go to the Level 3 e-learning module (this takes approximately 25 minutes to complete).

Click here to go to our Events Booking Site for information on the Region's Level 3 trainings.

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Trainings, Activities and Events for Individual Participants.


Click here to go to our Events Booking Site for information on the Region's Level 4 trainings.

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Trainings, Activities and Events for Individual Participants.


There is no recognised prior Safeguarding learning and experience available for Levels 1, 2 and 4, as the content covered in these levels explains specific Girlguiding approaches to Safeguarding.

For Level 3, complete the form - click here - and return this to Julie Brown at Region Office. You must be professionally qualified and actively employed in one of the child, young person or adult related professions and have attended external training as part of your job role. Your role must include decision-making responsibility around handling a Safeguarding allegation or disclosure. In addition, you must have up-to-date Levels 1 and 2 and have completed the Level 3 e-learning module.

Remember to complete the SurveyMonkey at the end of each e-learning session so that your GO record is updated and check that your record reflects the training you have undertaken. For Levels 2 and 3, both parts need to be recorded on GO before you will be accredited with the training.

If you need any help or support, please contact your local Commissioner, your County or Island GO Co-ordinator, or e-mail .

*The Region is offering a combined face-to-face training for both Levels 1 and 2 - click here to go to the Events Booking Site where you will find more information.

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Trainings, Activities and Events for Individual Participants.

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Vacancies for Region Representatives on Girlguiding's Council

Girlguiding logoWe are looking for three members to represent Girlguiding South West England on Girlguiding's Council. This is a forum of representatives from all Countries and Regions who engage with Girlguiding at national level offering a cross-section of individual views, but also consulting locally to gain the views of a wider group of people. The Region vacancies are for two members aged between 14 and 25 years of age, and one member of any age.

The term of office is three years from 30th June 2019. The Council meets once a year for the AGM, usually in May or June, with the frequency of additional meetings decided by the Trustees. It is of course important that our representatives make every effort to be available for these meetings throughout the three years they are in post. In addition there will be an induction day at Girlguiding HQ in May which the new Council members would be expected to attend. (If members aged 16 and under are unable to travel to a meeting with another Council member from the Region, Girlguiding will pay reasonable travel expenses for an additional adult to accompany them.)

Click here to download the application pack which will give you more information. If you are interested in applying, you will need to complete the application form and the first part of the nomination forms. The nomination forms, together with a copy of the application pack, should be sent to the two people you ask to nominate you, and the completed forms should then be forwarded to to arrive by midnight on 10th April 2019.

Click here to download the application form.

Click here to download the nomination form.

Do contact Jenni Freeth at the Region Office if you have any queries - .


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Vacancy for Region Lead Adviser

We also have a vacancy for a Lead Adviser for Communications and PR to advise on issues such as promoting Guiding in the local media, using promotional materials and developing external relationships. The Lead Adviser will be responsible for maintaining communications with the PR Team at Girlguiding HQ and for supporting other Communications and PR Advisers in the Region.

Click here for more information.

Any adult over the age of 18 may apply for either of these roles. You should already be, or be willing to become, a member of Girlguiding, but no qualifications are required and training will be provided.


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Cross Boundary Training

You now have access to a full list of training opportunities which are available in other Counties and Islands across the Region. The list is regularly updated so remember to keep checking it.

If you are responsible for training within your County or Island, please make sure you submit the details to the Region Office using the form we have provided - click here to download. We hope that by opening up your trainings to Region Members outside your immediate County or Island, your will find it easier to fill the places and avoid having to cancel trainings or run these at a loss; and of course, new faces may introduce some new ideas and help encourage cross boundary networking.

Remember that help with the costs associated with attending some trainings is available through the Leadership and Training Grant. Click here for more information.

Click here to download the list of trainings which are currently available across the Region.

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International BadgeWe are looking for adult members to lead the Region's international trips for Rangers to either a European destination in 2020 or the wider world in 2021, and a Guide ICE trip in the Spring of 2021.

If you would like the opportunity to take part in a service project overseas and to experience new cultures and adventures, join us for the Adult INTOPS weekend at Foxlease on Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th April 2019 when we will be identifying the leadership teams for our 2020/21 trips. The weekend fee of £35.00 which includes accommodation, activities and food, will be paid by your County/Island, and the Going Away With modules are not essential.

Please note that if you are a Leader and are looking to take a group to Eurojam 2020, you will need to attend the Adult INTOPS in April.

Click here to download the flyer.

Click here to download the Application Form which should be returned to the Region Office by 31st March 2019.

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Trainings, Activities and Events for Individual Participants.


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Royal International Air Tattoo

Red ArrowsWe have once again been invited to join the Royal Air Force for their Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. Next year's event will be taking place on Friday 19th July and free places are available to girls from all Sections and their Leaders.

The theme of the 2019 event is 'Space' and the day is aimed at school children and youth groups with the hope of inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists and aviators. As your girls will be missing a day of school, you will need to seek permission for them to attend from their respective headteachers. However as the event can be classed as an 'educational visit', very few headteachers have refused permission in the past.

Click here for more information and to download the booking form which should be returned to the Royal Air Force as soon as possible and by Friday 10th May 2019 at the latest.

Click here to download an explanatory letter which you can personalise and send to your girls' schools.


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Girlguiding Fundraising Trip to Machu Picchu

Machu PicchuJoin this Girlguiding only trip from 11th - 20th October 2019 and trek the breath-taking Inca trail, navigating lush forests and the infamous Dead Woman's Pass before exploring Machu Picchu. You will have an experience you will never forget and make new friends for life.

Gill Slocombe, former Chief Guide and Region Chief Commissioner completed the trek a few years ago and told us, 'it's seriously worth doing'. She added:

'I can't recommend this trip highly enough, it's exciting and demanding but the trek leaders give you tremendous support. I'd never done anything remotely like this before, not only is there walking and climbing (and I'll never forget the steps!) but the scenery is fantastic, the company is great and seeing the sunrise over Machu Picchu is totally unforgettable.'

The registration fee is £300 and the fundraising target is £3,999 to cover flights, accommodation, trek guides and your donation to Girlguiding.

Click here to go to the Girlguiding UK website for more information.


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Residential Events and International Trips

Nights Away BadgesGirlguiding have introduced a new Residential Event Notification (REN) form, a new Permission to Plan form (for international trips) and a revised Home Contact procedure for residential events. These forms are now mandatory.

Click here to download a briefing paper about the new forms and procedures.

Click here to download answers to some frequently asked questions about the new REN form.

Please remember that signed REN forms for international trips must be copied to Julie Brown at the Region Office -


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Foxlease is Blooming!

Foxlease LogoFoxlease sits in 65 acres of land in the centre of the New Forest, yet has good transport links via road, rail and air. Full-board accommodation is available in Princess Mary House, and there is also self-catering accommodation and fantastic camp-sites, including a tented village. Activities on offer include archery, abseiling, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, low ropes, high ropes, crate challenge, and many more.

Click here to go to the Foxlease website.


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Funding and Support for Local Guiding

The Region's evening Roadshows provide us with an opportunity to explain to local businesses and organisations the opportunities that modern Girlguiding offers girls and young women. At one Roadshow, both the local Lions Club and the local Council came forward and asked how they could help support local Units. This resulted in the Lions Club offering to pay for transport and accommodation to enable girls to attend a Region event.

It is well worth approaching organisations, local authorities, and even businesses in your area to see whether grants or other support, financial or otherwise, might be available to you - particularly if you are organising a special event, or have a Member who has been selected to travel overseas with Girlguiding and who needs help with fundraising. You could invite representatives from community groups to local events so they can see first-hand what is happening in Guiding today. Or you could offer to attend a meeting, perhaps with a couple of girls from your Unit, so they can talk about what they gain from Guiding. Contact details are usually easy to find, and if you ask your girls' parents they might know of a local "connection". If you have any queries or problems, e-mail the Region Office who are always happy to help and advise.

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Are you between 17* and 30? Ever wanted to do some voluntary work? Wondered what it would be like to work on a community project in a developing country? Want to broaden your horizons and help others do the same?

If so, GOLD could be for you. GOLD provides Members with opportunities for personal development through participation in community development projects overseas using the medium of Guiding. Development projects vary and could include anything from teaching English as a foreign language, to setting up and running a business skills training programme. Participants return to their own communities in the UK with the experience and skills they have gained whilst abroad.

If you are lucky enough to be able to take part, you will travel in a team of four to six others at the invitation of a Guiding Association in another country. You’ll work alongside local Guides on projects ranging from Guiding development to self-esteem, and life skills to health awareness. Projects are typically two to four weeks in duration and currently take place in July to December. You are expected to fund-raise for all project costs including travel and living expenses, and any equipment you may need to use on the project. You will need to be very committed to undertake all the preparatory work for your project which will include a minimum of three briefing weekends and a debrief weekend upon your return to the UK.

Want to take part?

If you are interested in taking part in GOLD, you must attend a Girlguiding UK INTOPS weekend.

If you have any specific questions regarding GOLD, please email

Click here to download the Baden Powell International Fund Grant Criteria and Application Form for Girlguiding GOLD projects.

*All GOLD participants must be aged between 18-30 years. Participants who are 17 years old at the time of INTOPS must be turning 18 by the time of the first briefing. Participants must be aged 30 or younger at the time of their GOLD project if successfully selected.


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Important News Regarding Recruitment Checks for Young People

Young people aged 16 - 18 no longer require recruitment checks even when attending residential events. However, current legislation means it is essential that they are supervised at all times irrespective of whether it is a local meeting or a residential event. Recruitment checks must be carried out if a young person turns 18 prior to attending a residential event.


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All the forms you need can be found on the Girlguiding Website - click here - where you will also find guidance on the completion of Health Care Plans which apply to unit meetings as well as overseas trips.


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Berwick Centre - Girlguiding Wiltshire South's HQ

Berwick Guide CentreIndoor or outdoor accommodation on two campsites with toilets and shower block. An excellent venue for Unit, District or Division events, including holidays, camps, trainings and meetings.

Click here for more information.





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Maud Heath Centre - Home of Girlguiding Wiltshire North

Maud HeathLooking for a venue in Wiltshire in which to hold a sleepover or training event or to use as a base to visit local attractions or for walking expeditions? Maud Heath Centre offers modernised indoor accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen, showers and internet access. Outdoors there is a large playing field and campfire area. Maud Heath Centre can accommodate up to 150 day visitors and 30 for overnight stays.

Click here for more information.





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