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Useful Downloads

Safeguarding Forms

We have created two new forms to help you with reporting and recording all actions taken when making a safeguarding disclosure to Girlguiding. We have also created a guidance sheet which explains the forms and how to use them. If you have any queries or questions relating to safeguarding, please e-mail .

Click here to download the guidance sheet.

Click here to download the Safeguarding Notification Concern Form - Part 1.

Click here to download the Safeguarding Concern Form - Part 2.


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Privacy Notice

Click here to download a copy of our Privacy Notice. You can also view the notice online here.

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Guidance on the Use of Mobile Phones

As a result of concerns raised by both parents and Leaders surrounding the use of mobile phones during Unit meetings and Guiding activities such as residential visits, we have produced some guidelines which we hope will help Leaders make decisions when faced with having to balance the benefits of girls having mobile phones to hand, with the need to safeguard our members.

Click here to download the guidelines. Please note this is not a policy document and should not be referred to as such.


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Property Management Guidelines

Useful information for Units, Districts, Divisions and Counties that own property.

Click here to download.


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Guiding Delivery Proposal Form

Click here to download information on the new Guiding Delivery Proposal Form. If you have an idea for a training, activity day, resource, publication, challenge, event, or another form of initiative, you can now give us all the information we need on an easy to complete form and your idea can then be considered by the Guiding Delivery Committee.

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Walking Scheme Route Cards

Walking BadgeClick on the links below to download a blank Walking Scheme Route Card. The card is appropriate for all levels of the Walking Scheme. The Excel file will do the adding up for you, the pdf file can be printed onto paper and completed manually.

Walking Scheme Blank Route Card (PDF)

Walking Scheme Blank Route Card (XLS)


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SWE Walking Signpost

Wellington BootsClick here to download a list of walking related activities for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section, all of which can be found in existing Girlguiding programme resources.


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Religious Facts Sheets

We have produced a series of facts sheets about different religions from around the world which we hope you will find useful and informative. Click on the links below to download.

Buddhism Fact Sheet

Christianity Fact Sheet

Islam Fact Sheet

Judaism Fact Sheet

Sikhism Fact Sheet

Lesser Known Religions Fact Sheet


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Region Logo

Region LogoAs part of our strategy to “Grow Guiding” in the Region, we want to make sure that our brand is clearly recognised. If you click on the link below you will find guidance on how we would like our logo to be used on all documents, whether paper or electronic, which are produced in the Region.

Click on the other links to access the logos. If you have any questions or any problems at all with resizing these and incorporating them into your documents, do call the Region Office.

Guidance on Use of Logos

Region Logo Black and White

Region Logo Colour

Region Logo Low Resolution for Screen Use

Region Logo with Wesbite Address


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Region Booking Terms and Conditions

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Trainings, Activities and Events for Individual Participants.

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Groups for Activities and Events.

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for International Trips and Challenge Events for Individual Participants.

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Support for Members with Disabilities

In the South West England Region we actively work together to include Members with special needs. We endeavour to be flexible in our programme in order that all Members may take part fully in our activities and the South West Region and County Advisers are available to support Leaders in order to achieve this aim. Click on the links below to download various resources and advice sheets which have been put together by the Disabilities Team.

Adapting Activities for Special Needs

Follow The Maze - for girls with visual impairment

Baden Powell Challenge

Team Games for all Sections


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Guiding Grants

Grants and loan funds are available to help individuals with the cost of attending trainings and conferences; to assist those suffering financial hardship to raise funds in order to attend an event, camp, or international event; or to help groups with the cost of building or maintenance projects.

Click here to download information on all the grant and loan funds available from Girlguiding South West England.

Click here to download the Leadership and Training Grant Criteria and Application Form.

Click here to download the Revolving Fund Loans Criteria and Application Form.

Click here to download the Buchanan Opportunities Fund Grant Criteria and Application Form.

Click here to download the Baden Powell International Fund Grant Criteria and Application Form for Girlguiding Go for Gold projects.

Contact Jenni Freeth, regarding any of the above.

Click here to find out about the grants and funding available from Girlguiding including the Starting a New Unit Grant and the UK Units in Need Grant which helps Units situated in areas of deprivation or struggling financially.


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Press Release Templates

Here you will find a whole list of different templates to help you publicise your Unit's news. These are for everyone to use, not just PRAs.

Leadership Qualification Press Release

Leader Leaving Press Release

Appointment of Commissioner Press Release

Bag Packing Press Release

Pre Jumble Sale Press Release

Post Jumble Sale Press Release

Nativity or Christmas Service Press Release


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Guiding Awards

Silver Oak LeafDo you know someone in your District, Division or County/Island who is special and who you feel deserves recognition for what they do for Guiding? Have you thought about nominating them for a Guiding Award?

Click on the links below to find out about the different Awards that can be presented to Members and non-members.

Awards Information Sheet

Guidelines for Writing Letters of Support for Girlguiding Awards

The South West England Silver Oak Leaf Award

The South West England Compass Award

The South West England Young Adult Leaders Award

If you have any further queries, please contact Jenni Freeth on .


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How to Nominate a Guiding Member for a National Honour

Click here to download our leaflet which explains how to nominate a Girlguiding volunteer for a National Honour in recognition of their achievements and for their services to Guiding. Many of those who receive Region and National Guiding Awards would be worthy recipients of a National Honour and you probably know of others who also deserve to be recognised. Take that first step by reading the leaflet and finding out more.


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Adult Training Qualification

Trainers are required to renew their Training Qualification every three years and the forms and information given below should help with this process. If you have any queries, please contact the Region's Lead Volunteer for Trainers and Training.

Trainer Personal Development Plan

Training Plan

Observation of Training Session form for TQ renewal

Observation of Module Session Form - Tutor

Role Visit

Suggested format for Trainer Support Group Meetings

Leadership and Training Grant Criteria and Application Form

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Activities for Rainbows

The Region's Rainbow Advisers have put together some games and activities which can be used during Unit Meetings. The Games Sheet contains a variety of fun ideas to keep your girls busy and happy, and a number of the games can be played outdoors. Click on the links to download.

Pirate Games Sheet

Olivia Beetle Drive Instructions

Olivia Body

Olivia Clothing


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Programme Plans for Brownies

The Region's Brownie Advisers have produced a series of Programme Plans for Leaders. Click on the links to see what is on offer.


Calendar of Ideas

Camel Racing


Guess Who

Number Fun

People Bingo

Shoe Game

January - Easter

Louis Braille

Promise Beads

Wooden Spoon Dragon (St David's Day)

St David's Day

Recycled Fashion Show (Mothers' Day)

Easter - July

Fathers' Day Card



Pony Rescue

September - December

Apple Evening

Bird Feeder

Gingerbread Men

Remembrance Day

St Andrews' Day

Thanksgiving Day


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Useful Downloads

- Adult Training Qualification
- Brownies - Programme Plans
- Grants from Girlguiding
- Guiding Awards
- Guiding Delivery Proposal Form
- Mobile Phones - Guidance on Their Use
- National Honours - How to Nominate
- Press Release Templates
- Privacy Notice
- Property Management Guidelines
- Rainbow Activities
- Region Booking Terms and Conditions
- Region Logo
- Religious Facts Sheets
- Safeguarding Forms
- Support for Members with Disabilities
- Walking Scheme Route Cards
- Walking Activities for all Sections

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