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Rustle Bustle and Squeak


Rustle Bustle and Squeak HedgehogAs part of a hugely successful three year partnership, Girlguiding South West England worked with the RSPB to create this nature Resource which was designed to help us learn new things about the wildlife and plants in our Region whilst still having fun. "Rustle, Bustle & Squeak" is packed with information and exciting activities and will give you ideas for exploring your local area, getting involved with fundraising, and helping to protect the natural environment. It covers everything from what can be found rustling in our woodlands, to the creatures which live in the sea along our coasts. There is a section which gives information about the wildlife bustling in our towns and cities, as well as those squeaking on the Region's heathlands and moors!

Whether you are visiting the coast or the countryside, or heading to the city, keep looking and listening and send us stories and photographs of what you see when you are out and about, and the activities you are enjoying from the Resources. If it's the thought of writing the story which is putting you off, let us do it for you. Give a brief outline of what the story is about, who was involved and when and where the event took place, and attach three or four images; jpegs are best, but we can work with png or can even cut and paste an image from a word document. Attach your pictures to an e-mail with the story, or put everything in the post with some photographs which we can scan. If you can't provide any pictures for us, we can probably find an image to accompany the story so there are absolutely no excuses! Any questions, give Susie a call on 01722 343187, or e-mail We look forward to hearing from you!

NB: The advent of GDPR means we need a lot more information from you when you submit photographs for use with your stories. Click here for details.


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Big 5 Challenge BadgeAll the Resources, badges and goodies relating to "Rustle, Bustle & Squeak" can be found on the Region's online shop.

The "Rustle, Bustle & Squeak" Resource costs £6.00 plus p&p. The Caterpillar's head and "tail" (the Region's logo) cost £1.00 for the pair plus p&p and the body segments cost 60p each plus p&p. If you would like to see a page from Rustle, Bustle & Squeak, click here.

With the publication of "More Rustle, Bustle & Squeak", there are now 22 colourful Region badges to collect, plus three RSPB badges, which will grow into the lovely Caterpillar shown on this page. You can continue collecting badges throughout your Guiding life and they can be arranged in any order. "More Rustle, Bustle & Squeak" costs £2.50 plus p&p.

The "Seasons Challenge" contains information and activities for each season of the year. It can be downloaded for free - click here - or you may purchase a printed copy from the online shop at a cost of £2.00 plus p&p. The" Seasons Challenge" is accompanied by four badges, one for each Guiding Section. The badges can be added to your Rustle, Bustle & Squeak Caterpillar in the same way as the other body segments, and are available to buy from the Region's online shop at a cost of 75p each plus p&p. NB: We have updated the Seasons Challenge and re-designed the badge to differentiate between those of you who undertook the Challenge in 2015, and those of you who have done so since.

We have also published a series of termly Challenge Sheets which are all available as free downloads, or to buy as pre-printed copies from the online shop. "Desirable Dens", "Tracks & Trails", "Discoveries in the Dark" and "In and out of doors" all cost 50p to buy (plus p&p), and "Spring into Summer" costs £1.00 plus p&p. All the Challenge Sheets contain new activities which are suitable for all Sections and can be adapted for a group working together, or can be completed by individuals. The four activities in "Desirable Dens" will help you create homes in your garden for amphibians, bees, hedgehogs and birds. "Tracks & Trails"contains three activities which will take you out into the countryside or your local park, or if the weather is less inviting, you can keep busy indoors. "Spring into Summer" offers five activities which can be enjoyed both indoors and out, in your Unit meeting or as a bigger project when you go on camp or holiday; and the five activities in "Discoveries in the Dark" will encourage all Sections to find out what is happening outside during the dark winter months, and suggests various craft ideas to enjoy whilst keeping warm indoors. "In and out of doors" offers seven fun activities which can be enjoyed indoors and continued outdoors when the weather improves! "Gold and Green" has seven activities which will help your girls learn about butterflies and bees, and suggests craft activities which make use of natural materials. The pre-printed Challenge Sheet costs 50p plus p&p from the online shop.

Our latest Challenge Sheet, the "Big 5 Challenge Sheet", has been produced to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the launch of Rustle, Bustle & Squeak. It contains five activities which will take you through the whole year - from planting a flower or shrub with a connection to Rustle, Bustle & Squeak, to keeping a weather diary, to visiting somewhere which is new to you and creating a scrapbook of five discoveries you make whilst there. The Challenge Sheet is priced at 50p plus p&p.

The Challenge Sheets are accompanied by new badges which are earned by completing one of the activities (for the "Big 5 Challenge Sheet" we suggest the badge be awarded once two of the five tasks have been started), and form a body segment for your Rustle, Bustle & Squeak Caterpillar. The badges can be ordered from the Region's online shop and are priced at 75p each plus p&p.

Click here to download "Desirable Dens".

Click here to download "Tracks & Trails".

Click here to download "Spring into Summer".

Click here to download "Discoveries in the Dark".

Click here to download "In and out of doors".

Click here to download "Gold and Green".

Click here to download the "Big 5 Challenge Sheet".

Please note, Butterfly Badges cannot be bought from the online shop. These are awarded for attendance at pre-arranged and "approved" Activity Days. Further information is given below.

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Butterfly BadgeLeaders can arrange their own nature themed Activity Days through organisations which have an interest in nature and conservation such as the Wildlife Trust, The National Trust, and the RSPB. Local RSPB Group Leaders can offer help and advice; contact Gilly Robinson, Volunteering Development Officer with the RSPB South West Regional Office, on , or telephone 01392 453294. When you have decided on your Activity Day, please send an e-mail to marked for the attention of Pat Heynes and giving details of what is being planned. Once "approval" has been obtained, e-mail the Region Office as above to confirm your attendance and order your Butterfly Badges. Click here for some suggestions of places you could visit.

Or you could book to attend one of the Activity Days which the RSPB offers the general public at a number of their Reserves. Your booking will need to be made direct with the RSPB, and we ask that you send an e-mail to the Region Office at confirming your attendance and ordering your Butterfly Badges at a cost of £1.00 per badge. Click here for information about the RSPB's Reserves.

"Rustle, Bustle & Squeak" is reaching out beyond our Region. One Unit from Herefordshire visited an RSPB Reserve in Birmingham in order to gain their Butterfly Badge.


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RSPB Blue BadgeRustle, Bustle & Squeak contains "Steps for Nature" activities which count towards the special RSPB body segment badges. One of these activities involves collecting used postage stamps (Waterworld: Coastlines).

Due to the fraudulent use of postage stamps, all charities have been strongly advised by the Fundraising Regulator to stop collecting these as donations. The RSPB regret that they are therefore no longer able to accept used postage stamps from you, but there are a number of other fundraising ideas within the Resource which will earn you their badges.

The RSPB have asked us to pass on their thanks for all the stamp donations which they have received.

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Click on the links below to download the forms you need when using the Resource, or to visit other websites which will provide you with lots of useful information.

Press Release Template
Crab Identification Guide
Sponsor Form
Seashore Code

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Caterpillar's HeadPat Heynes has sent in the words and sheet music for this song which you might like to teach to the girls in your Unit.

Click here for the sheet music.

Click here for the words.

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SpidersMany thanks to Helen Thompson who has written to tell us how much Tidworth Rainbows have been enjoying "Rustle, Bustle & Squeak". They have been learning about squirrels, birds and spiders - and have made some very colourful spiders and their webs!

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