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Introducing the SWEBOTS!


Meet the SWEBOTS, Girlguiding South West England's new family who will be encouraging you to enjoy lots of activities relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Each Girlguiding Section has its own SWEBOT who will help you identify fun things to do which are suitable for your particular Section. There is also LeaderBOT who will always be around to provide advice to help you get the most out of the Resources in a safe environment, ProfBOT who will explain the activities and the results you may see, and InfoBOT who will be coming to you fully equipped with lots of useful, additional information on the various tasks which the SWEBOTS suggest.

Keep watching this page for more information and updates on the SWEBOTS - you will find us very easily by simply clicking on the InfoBOT image at the top of any of the Region Website pages, so do pop in anytime!


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This new Resource has been created with the support of the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust whose mission includes a commitment to encourage the aviation related education of young people. In the air provides detailed explanations to help you and your girls conduct various experiments which will help you all discover more about the mixture of gases and particles of dust that we breathe! Have a go at activities that exploit the movement of air and the changes in air pressure and you will be able to predict the weather, measure wind speed, even make clouds! You can have fun too, flying paper aeroplanes and kites, and launching rockets. RainbowBOT, BrownieBOT, GuideBOT and SeniorBOT appear at the top of each activity sheet according to its suitability for that particular age group and we hope that our Trefoil Guild Members will also enjoy some of the tasks.

Click here to download a flyer about the Resource - no pun intended!

The Resource pack includes an eight page introductory booklet, plus 30 loose leaf activity sheets, all printed on A4 'plastic paper' which is easy to clean, but difficult to tear and more durable than paper or card (it is very similar to the new £5.00 note!). You will also receive a complimentary ProfBOT and LeaderBOT badge and the whole pack is enclosed in a plastic wallet with press stud closure. The Resource is now available from the Region's Online Shop priced at £7.00 plus postage and packing. We are also offering an additional full set of activity sheets for £5.00 plus postage and packing.

There is a cloth badge depicting each member of the SWEBOTS family and there are seven badges to collect in all. Leaders may decide how their girls earn the badges, but we would suggest that one badge could be earned by completing four different activities, or for visiting a science-themed attraction. The individual badges cost 60p each plus postage and packing, or you can buy the full set for £4.00 plus postage and packing. All are available from the Region's Online Shop.

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These downloads will be needed to complete the advanced tasks detailed on the following activity sheets:

Activity 2 - click here to download stunt.pdf.

Activity 11 - click here to download wind.pdf.

Activity 15 - click here to download clouds.pdf.

The Resource booklet contains a list of science and technology based museums and study centres local to our Region which you may like to visit with your Unit. One of these is the Jet Age Museum in Gloucester, but we have given an out-of-date website address for which we apologise. The correct address is . You may wish to amend your booklet.

Activity 17 suggests a visit to Beaulieu National Motor Museum, but this has not been included in the list of venues and you may want to add it. The website address is . Have fun!

The Women's Engineering Society's website provides lots of really useful information for girls and women who are particularly interested in STEM subjects, or who might be considering a career in engineering. The website also features an extensive list of "inspiring women in engineering" which makes fascinating reading. The address is .

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SWEBOT Activity Day BadgeIn addition to our Region Roadshows for 2018, we are offering two SWEBOT Activity Days for which we can take Unit bookings. Places are limited and are already going fast. They will be offered on a first come, first served basis so please make sure you return your booking form to the Region Office without delay!

Swindon Academy
Saturday 24th March 2018
For girls aged 8 to 12 years, their Leaders and adult volunteers
Closing date 22nd February 2018

The RAF are sponsoring this Activity Day which will be linked to our SWEBOT Resource, In the air, and will be offering a number of workshops giving the girls the opportunity to try some hands-on activities linked with air and aviation.

Click here for more information and the booking form.


Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum, Somerset
Saturday 19th May 2018
For girls from all Sections, their Leaders and adult volunteers
Closing date 1st March 2018

This is the second Activity Day linked to our SWEBOT Resource, In the air. Again we will be offering workshops suitable for all Sections giving the girls an opportunity to try some hands-on activities linked with air and aviation, and there will also be an activity trail through the museum, including a visit to the museum shop!

Click here for more information and the booking form.

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Groups for Activities and Events.

Click here to download the Booking Terms and Conditions for Trainings, Activities and Events for Individual Participants.


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A big thank you to Pauline Crisp who has sent in our first In the air story! 1st Whiteknight Brownies recently visited the newly opened Baylab in Reading. By taking DNA from the inside of their mouths and putting it into a vial, the Brownies were able to make gene necklaces. Pauline says the girls "had an amazing time" and were "really inspired" by the Baylab Manager, Emma Schierbaum: "We thought this covered the criteria to earn a SWEBOT so each Brownie was given a ProfBOT badge".

The In the air booklet (which comes as part of the Resource pack) contains a list of science themed centres which you could arrange to visit with your Unit, or you could find another which is local to you. Do send us your story and photographs for the SWEBOTS page!

Brownies at BaylabBrownies experiment at Baylab

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We are busy compiling the next SWEBOTS' Resource, On the water, which we hope to publish later in the year.

This time we are working with the Royal Navy and hope we will be able to bring you some special activity days in addition to lots of new water based experiments for all Sections to enjoy. On the water will follow the same format as In the air and will include a covering booklet plus a collection of loose leaf activity sheets, all printed on wipeable, tear-resistant paper, and enclosed in a handy plastic wallet.

Keep watching this page for all the news from the SWEBOTS!

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We would love to hear what you think about the SWEBOTS' Resources. Send us your stories and some photographs and we will share them on this page. Have you thought of ways to expand on the activities we have given you, maybe you have come up with some different ways of testing your results, or maybe you have had a totally different result to that which you were expecting?

If it is the thought of writing the story which is putting you off, let us write it for you. Just give a brief outline and send it in with two or three images which we can use with the story and we will do the rest. jpegs are best, but we can work with png or even cut and paste an image from a word document if that is easier for you. Attach your photographs to an e-mail with the story, or put everything in the post with some photographs and we can scan them. If you can't provide any pictures for us, we can probably find an image to accompany the story so there are absolutely no excuses! Any questions, give Susie a call on 01722 343187 or e-mail We look forward to hearing from you!

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